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Outside Views



The Great Room

The Great Room

The Great Room (contains Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room)

Great Room - Living Room

The Living Room - left

Great Room - Livinn Room with woodburning stove

The Living Room - right

Snowy tree  view from the warm great room Happy Holidays!

Bedroom Photos

The Blue Room - Master Bedroom (Bedroom #1)

The Blue Room

The Flower Room - (Bedroom #2)

The Flower Room

The Jungle Rom - (Bedroom #3)

The Jungle Room

The Cave - sleeping area (Bedroom #4)

The Cave - left

The Cave - TV/VCR kid play area

The Cave - right

The Loft Photos

The Loft The Loft - Movie watching area (sleeper sofa)

Additional Photos

The Great Room - Dining Room

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